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The N0AKA 147.300MHz Repeater

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follow the FCC rules and regulations.

Repeater News:

3/17/2015: On Tuesday, March 17th, at approximately 1:00AM Central Time (6:00AM UTC), Both I an another knowledgeable Amateur Radio operator used direction finding techniques to locate intentional malicious interference to the 147.300/147.900MHz N0AKA repeater. The signal was intentionally transmitting a CTCSS Tone of 100Hz. The source of the interference was coming from the residence of Steven Schmidt, KE0SS, at 518 North 74th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68114. While recording video evidence, Mr. Schmidt and two others came out of the residence to confront me. The video of this confrontation will be made available to the public and to the FCC as soon as possible.

Ongoing: A repeater with the call sign of WA0WTL (RONALD J BURAS, 4304 S 169 CIR., OMAHA, NE 68135) is continuing to operate on the 147.300/147.900MHz frequency pair, causing malicious intentional interference with my already operating repeater on frequency. WA0WTL was notified by USPS certified mail that his repeater was in direct violation of FCC Rules governing repeaters. Mr. Buras has not made any attempt to resolve the issue or contact me.

Proof of receipt, notifications, and video are available via email upon request. Contact

N0AKA/N6BHU Amateur Radio Network

Our servers and network are online.

2m Repeaters:
» Plattsmouth (Omaha), Nebraska: N0AKA 147.300+ 100Hz PL (Linked to K6MWT, Southern California)
» San Fernando Valley (Just North of L.A.), California: KB6C 147.735- 100Hz PL (Online via N6BHU)

70cm Repeaters:
» Plattsmouth, Nebraska: N0AKA 443.100+ 131.8Hz PL (Online)
» Central Indiana: W2IBC 441.975+ (coming soon)

Other Audio Sources:
Various other repeaters and public safety agencies are available for listening.

Join us via RF, tablet or mobile phone running Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS via TeamSpeak.

Please connect using the host-name of and your call sign as nickname. Internet to RF transmit privileges are available upon request within the software and are granted after one of our control operators confirm your license. All Amateur Radio operators with a valid license recognized by the United States FCC are welcome to transmit.

The N0AKA repeater is not for emergency use, weather/storm spotting, and there are no directed nets at this time. We are always open to suggestions to better serve our friends (the user base). If you have any comments or suggestions, please email

Interested in becoming part of our group as a simplex node or repeater?
Contact Tom (N0AKA) or Dave (N6BHU) for more information.

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