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The N0AKA 147.300MHz Repeater

The N0AKA Repeater


Amateur Radio Free Speech Network (ARFSN)

Our servers and network are online.

2m Repeaters:
» Plattsmouth, Nebraska: N0AKA 147.300+ 100Hz PL (Online)
» San Fernando Valley (Just North of L.A.), California: KB6C 147.735+ 100Hz PL (Online via N6BHU)

70cm Repeaters:
» Plattsmouth, Nebraska: N0AKA 443.100+ 131.8Hz PL (Online)
» Central Indiana: W2IBC 441.975+ (coming soon)

Other Audio Sources:
Audio sources from various other repeaters and public safety agencies are available for listening.

Join us via RF, tablet or mobile phone running Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS via TeamSpeak.

Please connect using the host-name of and your call sign as nickname. Internet to RF transmit privileges are available upon request within the software and are granted after one of our control operators confirm your license. All Amateur Radio operators with a valid license recognized by the United States FCC are welcome to transmit.

What is the N0AKA free speech repeater?
The user base that communicates on our repeater (and some other linked repeaters) are part of a group of Amateur Radio operators that share common interests and enjoy expressing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas without government censorship (see First Amendment Rights). Subjects that are normally considered taboo on Amateur Radio such as politics and religion are welcome. We don't intentionally try to push any limits, and expect our users to make their opinions as tastefully as possible.

The FCC has ruled that Amateur Radio operators in the United States are not held to the same standard as other forms of communication. A common misinterpretation of the word "obscenity" is 'gutter parlance' - communications that may be regarded as vulgar but do not fall under the guidelines for obscenity. While some conversations may push the limits of FCC regulations, transmissions from our network of users and other repeater links are not a form of broadcasting, transmitted to the public-at-large, or intended for children. Remember, you always have the freedom to change frequencies. Please don't bother to offer your interpretation of FCC rules and regulations.

The N0AKA repeater is not for emergency use, weather/storm spotting, and there are no directed nets at this time. We are always open to suggestions to better serve our friends (the user base). If you have any comments or suggestions, please email

Are all repeaters connected considered Free Speech? ..... NO!
Although we call our group the "Amateur Radio Free Speech Network", not all repeaters are open to all topics. We give repeater owners the opportunity to link in and provide a free and open network platform to run their systems as they see fit. There are some repeater owners that do not designate their repeater as a "Free Speech" repeater, and we respect that. As with most repeaters across the country, it's quite common to have a Gentleman's Agreement that certain topics should not be discussed over the air. We ask that you respect their wishes by refraining from any controversial topics. If you are found to be transmitting something that a repeater owner deems inappropriate, we will ask you to stop. If you disregard your warning(s), you will be kicked off, blocked, or banned as necessary. Each repeater owner has the capability to moderate their system independent of other repeaters.

Why not just use existing networks like EchoLink or IRLP?
Excellent question! Because they do not permit repeater owners and/or operators to truly have freedom of speech. Most (all?) existing systems force you to operate by their terms. We allow repeater owners to operate how they want.

Interested in becoming part of our group as a simplex node or repeater?
Contact Tom (N0AKA) or Dave (N6BHU) for more information.

Consider donating to our Project via PayPal...

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